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Extruded Silicone Products

Northwest Rubber Extruders' extruded silicone products are manufactured to meet our customers’ unique demands. We work with a variety of silicone materials, including phenyl silicone, and custom compounds to deliver high quality silicone extrusions for a broad spectrum of applications. We create extruded silicone coated cables, door seals, expansion joints, and much more.

Request a quote or contact us for precision silicone rubber extrusions for your project. 

The Silicone Extrusion Experts 

Northwest Rubber Extruders employs innovative, lean manufacturing techniques and a skilled, experienced staff to produce custom extruded silicone products that match customer requirements and are delivered on time, every time.

All dies and tooling for our extruded silicone products are made in-house. This gives us total control over the quality, reliability, and accuracy of these crucial components. Laser micrometer monitoring is used to maintain tight tolerances and accurate profiles. 

We produce silicone rubber extrusions as small as 0.024” OD (tubing) and as large as 18” across. We can provide your custom extrusions in virtually any color you may need, including metallic colors.

Extruded Silicone Specifications

As needed, we can create extruded silicone products to meet a variety of industry specifications. These include AMS, ASTM D-2000, BMS, FDA, and AA-59588 (ZZ-R-765) requirements. 

Silicone Extrusion Materials

We can produce your custom silicone extrusions from a range of quality materials with durometers from Shore 40A to Shore 80A. If you’re not sure what type of silicone material is right for your product(s), our expert team will work with you to determine which material option is best-suited to your application and performance requirements.

General purpose silicones provide reliable performance in temperatures up to 400°F (204°C) and excellent outdoor color stability. High strength silicone offers improved tensile strength and tear resistance. Phenyl silicone is ideal for low temperature applications down to -130° F (-90°C).

Custom silicone extrusion compounds are also available to meet your unique specifications. 

Contact Us for Custom Silicone Extrusions

From simple designs to complex extruded silicone products, for short runs or high-quantity production, Northwest Rubber Extruders provides top quality silicone rubber extrusions. Request a quote today on the extruded silicone products you need, or contact us to discuss your project.

  • Custom extruded silicone formulations to meet your specific requirements

  • Performance to 400° F (204° C)
  • Outdoor color stability

  • Improved tensile strength and tear resistance

  • Extreme low temperature to -130° F (-90° C)

  • From 40A to 80A

  • 0.024" (OD tube) - 18" wide

  • Match to virtually any color, including metallics

  • AMS
  • ASTM D-2000
  • BMS
  • FDA
  • AA-59588(ZZ-R-765)

Extruded Silicone Products

  • Adhesive backed seals
  • Aircraft interior seals
  • Coated cable
  • Door seals
  • Expansion joints
  • Food grade seals
  • High temperature seals
  • Low temperature seals
Silicone Extrusion Products