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Expansion Joint Seals

Expansion joints are used to create a flexible transition point between adjacent concrete or cement panels, allowing the structure to expand and contract with temperature changes. Expansion joint seals also allow the structure to move with minor seismic shifts or strong winds without damage. Expansion joints can also provide a waterproof seal between panels, making them a critical component within a variety of construction applications.

Construction Applications for Expansion Joint Seals:

  • Bridges
  • Rooftops
  • Parking garages
  • And more

Contact Us For Custom Expansion Joint Seals

Northwest Rubber Extruders, Inc. provides expansion joints, bridge seals and architectural seals in all shapes, sizes, and colors to meet the needs of any customer application. Simply supply us with your design and material specifications, and we will deliver custom expansion joint seals, bridge seals or architectural seals that perfectly match your requirements.

Request a quote today on our complete line of expansion joints, bridge seals and architectural seals, or contact us to learn more.

Expansion Joints, Bridge Seals & Architectural Seals Manufactured to your Specifications

Northwest Rubber Extruders can produce custom expansion joint seals for a variety of customized projects. The types of expansion joints that we offer cover a variety of joint types, including:

  • Roof-to-roof
  • Floor-to-floor
  • Roof-to-wall
  • Wall-to-wall
  • And more custom applications

We can provide expansion joint seals, bridge seals and architectural seals in nearly any specialty configuration you may need. Our precision custom extrusion capabilities enable us to turn essentially any customer design into a tangible product.

Depending on the needs of your application Northwest Rubber Extruders has the capabilities to produce custom architectural seals, bridge seals, v-seals, and other expansion joints from silicone and other thermoplastic materials.

Additionally, our expansion joints are available in any color you may require. In most cases, our customers want expansion joint seals that are color-matched to their other construction materials to “hide” the seams between panels.

Quality Certifications

Northwest Rubber Extruders are ISO 9001, AS 9100, and ISO/TS 16949 registered for quality assurance.

Expansion Joint, Bridge Seal and Architectural Seal Features & Benefits

Our complete line of expansion joint seals, bridge seals and architectural seals offers numerous features and benefits that will take your project to the next level, these include:

  • Silicone materials are typically caulked to create a watertight seam
  • Thermoplastic materials can be heat welded for watertight seams between joint sections
  • Suitable for heavy duty applications
  • Durable, weather-resistant materials
  • Suitable for extended water immersion
  • Easy to install; easy to replace if worn or damaged
  • Roof-to-roof, floor-to-floor, wall-to-wall, roof-to-wall & other configurations
  • Custom profiles and shapes to match your design needs

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