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Custom Rail Boots

Northwest Rubber Extruders' rail boots are extruded from durable thermoplastic materials that are formulated to meet the stringent requirements of the railroad industry. Form fitted to meet the exact dimensions and tolerances of most rail profiles, our custom rail boots are designed for easy installation, saving you time and cost on your railroad construction or maintenance project.

Our custom rail boots include special retaining clips to ensure a solid bond between the boot and the surrounding materials during installation. These clips allow for precise positioning and fast installation.

Specially engineered for use on embedded tracks for light rail, street cars, and other electrically-powered rail transit and transport systems, our custom rail boots are suitable for use with a variety of rail types.

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Benefits of Using Custom Rail Boots

  • Isolate Stray Electrical Current: The primary benefit of our rail boots is their high electrical resistivity. The special thermoplastic elastomer we use provides insulation against stray current that can transfer from electric rail cars to tracks and leach into surrounding communications and utility wires, pipes, etc. This stray current can cause electrolytic corrosion on rail tracks, along with a number of other problems. Northwest Rubber Extruders' rail boots effectively isolate stray current, thereby reducing maintenance costs.
  • Noise Reduction: Because they tightly surround the entire embedded portion of the rail, our custom rail boots help dampen the noise caused by passing railcars. Though this is merely a side effect of the rail boots’ design, it can be of substantial benefit in areas where noise must be kept to a minimum.
  • Vibration Dampening: In addition to muffling sound, the thermoplastic material in Northwest Rubber Extruders' rail boots can also help reduce vibration. Over time, vibration caused by passing railcars can degrade both the rail bed and the tracks themselves. Eventually, this can lead to significant—and costly—damage. Our custom rail boots minimize vibration and, as a result, help reduce the need for maintenance and track repair.
  • Minimize Track Movement: In some instances, embedded tracks may do far more than vibrate—they may actually shift side to side in their encasement, which can lead to damage far faster than track vibration. Rail boots help limit track movement through elastomeric compression, minimizing destructive forces placed upon the surround concrete surface.

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See Also: Elastomeric Rail Grout

Northwest Rubber Extruders also offers LRT elastomeric rail grout. This special two component grout is formulated with fast setting, return to service polyurethane. It provides many of the same benefits and characteristics as our rail boots, but may be better suited to certain rail applications.