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Value Added Extrusion and Molding Finishing Services

In addition to our extruding and molding capabilities, Northwest Rubber Extruders offers a variety of value-added finishing services. Our value add services give you more complete parts that better match your final design requirements, and save you time, money, and headaches on your project.

Our Value-Add Services Include

Hand Building

Not all features of a molded or extruded product can be created in the molding/extruding process. Holes for fasteners may need to be added, multiple pieces may need to be joined into a single part, etc. Northwest Rubber Extruders provides post-molding/post-extrusion “hand building” services to add these and other features to your custom parts. Our hand building capabilities include:

  • Punching
  • Drilling
  • Bonding (RTV, cold bond)
  • and more

Adhesive Tape Backing

Many molded and extruded parts require adhesive tape for final installation. We can apply full or partial adhesive tape backing directly to your molded/extruded parts, using your specified tape(s).

  • Pressure sensitive tape
  • Heat activated tape

Part Marking

Molded and extruded parts often require markings for branding, identification, or numerous other uses. Northwest Rubber Extruders can mark you parts with the logos, lettering, or numbering you require. Our part marking processes include:

  • Rubber stamp
  • Ink jet
  • Laser engraving

Die Cutting

In many cases, the final shape of a part cannot be produced via molding or extrusion alone. With that in mind, we provide custom die cutting service that enables us to create parts that match your exact designs.


Molded or extruded parts often need to be joined with others to create a more complex part or complete assembly. We use a variety of splicing methods to permanently join two or more pieces, as your design requires.

  • Compression
  • Injection
  • Thermal


“Flash” is unwanted excess material that seeps out from between the seams of a mold when creating plastic parts. Our deflashing services remove this material, giving you finished parts with smooth surfaces and edges. Cryogenic deflashing utilizes a quick blast of liquid nitrogen (in most cases) to freeze the flash for easy removal. Hand deflashing is, as the name suggests, performed manually using various hand tools.

  • Cryogenic
  • By hand


We provide light assembly services (installing fasteners, etc.) for molded and extruded parts. We work with customer-supplied components to provide complete or near-complete assemblies, as needed.

Special Packaging

Bundled, bagged, boxed, etc.—Northwest Rubber Extruders can package your products to your specifications.


Our molding and extruding generally produce parts with relatively smooth surfaces. If your parts require textured surfaces, we can add flock post-molding/extruding to achieve the texture you need.

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Northwest Rubber Extruders delivers high quality molded and extruded parts that match your unique specifications. Request a quote on custom molded or extruded products and secondary services, or contact us to learn more.