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Custom Molded & Extruded Products

Since 1978, Northwest Rubber Extruders has been providing custom plastic and custom rubber products that match our customers’ unique designs. We have the capabilities to create molded and extruded products in simple or complex geometries, and our lean manufacturing processes allow us to deliver custom products quickly and efficiently. 

Contact Us for Custom Plastic and Custom Rubber Products

If you need high quality custom plastic or custom rubber products, look no further than Northwest Rubber Extruders. We will deliver the molded or extruded products you need quickly and cost-effectively. Request a quote or contact us today.

Custom Plastic & Custom Rubber Products

  • Molded & Extruded Seals: We can provide custom flexible seals for nearly any device, machine, or product. We produce rubber, silicone, and thermoplastic seals via extrusion and molding processes.
  • PVC Grip Tubing: Northwest Rubber Extruders produces custom PVC grip tubing for a wide range of applications. We create grip tubing in standard and custom thicknesses, as your designs require.
  • Dock Bumpers: Our extruded dock bumpers provide protection against impact and abrasion. Commonly used for boat docks, fork lifts, and similar applications, we can deliver custom dock bumpers that match your specifications.
  • Expansion Joint Seals: Expansion joint seals are critical components for many construction projects. We produce custom expansion joint seals in the sizes, shapes, and colors our customers need.
  • Silicone Jacketed Cables: Our extrusion capabilities enable us to provide silicone jacketing for cables and wires for medical devices and other applications. We can produce jacketing in custom thicknesses, durometers, and colors to meet your requirements.
  • Railroad Products: We offer a full line of products for railroad construction projects, including rail boots, elastomeric grout, and more. Our railroad products are extruded from durable materials to withstand tough working conditions.

Request a quote on custom plastic and custom rubber products for your application. Contact Northwest Rubber Extruders to find out what we can do for you.